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Should you outsource your IT operations?

The days when companies have to rely solely on their internal IT team to keep the business running effectively are gone. There are now many other options available which small and medium size businesses are benefitting from. Today we’re in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) era, where external resources of highly skilled specialists are available to support a business at a fraction of the cost of recruiting an entire IT department. The good news is that an MSP can work with an existing internal IT team, or provide IT support where none currently exists. If an organisation doesn't currently have IT staff and there’s no budget to recruit a full-time person, it makes sense to outsource IT if support is needed. The organisation then benefits from 24/7 support through an MSP as and when it's needed. Even if the company has an internal IT team, there may be better options. An ideal situation may be to partner with an MSP to offer the business the most efficient IT infrastructure. Working with an MSP leaves the internal IT team free to focus on providing the best quality of day-to-day service while the MSP works to keep the company’s infrastructure resilient and up-to-date. The MSP is also there to resolve any intricate issues that require specialists in that area. There are other factors that could tip the argument in favour of outsourcing to an MSP. Keeping Up-to-Date With Security

There are many different devices throughout businesses. Ten years ago, an employee had a single laptop and a desk phone. Now they’re likely to have laptops, desktops, servers, smartphones, tablets, operating systems, browsers, critical applications, and more! Every new device introduces a variety of threats that can cripple a business. With an MSP, organisations can be sure that their IT infrastructure is in safe hands. All versioning of the organisations hardware/software will be tracked to ensure it’s always up-to-date, which reduces the risk of security breaches. Increased Business Productivity IT has become a critical productivity enabler right across the business. However, downtime is a cost that too many businesses leave to chance. It’s only when the inevitable happens that many executives realise they don’t have the capability to deal with issues. By that stage, the downtime clock is ticking. With the combination of services an MSP can provide such as proactive monitoring, security enhancements, reporting, network health checks and 24/7 support, the business has the assurance that things will be up and running as soon as possible when problems arise. Also, technology is changing quickly and it’s impossible for managers to keep up-to-date with developments. MSPs work with multiple clients and build knowledge of what solution is right for each kind of business. As MSPs become aware of the client and their IT operations, they can identify better solutions tailored to the business. Work with Expert Resources In small businesses, there may be a talented individual who takes an interest in the IT operations and is the point of contact for issues. The question is though, does the person have all the up-to-date skills to do the job effectively? All too often, difficulties appear when the person is away from work or leaves the company; especially as there may be an absence of documentation or effective handover. Outsourcing to an MSP means the company is working with expert resources who have the skills in-house to deal with issues to the highest standard. Cost Savings Most of the time an organisation doesn't need to pay a specialist IT operative to be there full time. That person’s skill set is only needed for specific scenarios. The impact is that the company pays a high salary to a full-time specialist with a significant percentage of time being wasted.

There are other potential downsides. The internal IT specialist lacks challenge completing mundane tasks, eventually leaving to seek more challenging opportunities. More time and money is wasted recruiting and training someone else to do the job and so the cycle continues.

Proactive Solutions This is one of the most important benefits of being with an MSP. There are countless businesses where staff are effectively second-guessing the reliability and efficiency of their IT infrastructure. How many times have you heard "Is anyone else's internet going slow?", "Has the WIFI gone down?", "My emails aren't working!". An MSP will actively monitor the performance of the devices in the network with RMM tools, security packages, probes and many more tools. This means the MSP will be alerted to an issue and either resolve it or make contact before it has been detected by users. Cutting Edge Technologies Many MSP's have direct partnerships with major software providers (Microsoft/ Oracle/ Cisco), and get early access to new cutting-edge technologies. This enables MSP's to be on top of the game ready for public releases, so when the day comes, the organisation can be sure they are using these technologies efficiently and are always using best practices If you would like to find out more on how partnering with a Managed Service Provider can help your business, feel free to call our solutions team on 0203 441 9392 or drop us an email at

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