Powered by The Cloud, Microsoft Office 365 offers you the best in class communication and collaboration tools that you are already familiar with. Access your emails, contacts, calendars and files anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are.


As there are a number of things beyond the control of the user, data loss happens frequently to businesses. That is why it is imperative to have an effective backup of critical business data stored offsite and out of harm’s way.


At First Point IT, we believe that by utilising The Cloud, the risk of data loss via physical threat is vastly reduced. We can also monitor your data to ensure that it is working as it should as well as dealing with any issues that may arise.


For many businesses, The Cloud has created the opportunity to rethink the way they implement parts of their IT systems. By using cloud services, you can often get better functionality and uptime than traditional methods, and usually at a lower upfront cost.

We have years of experience helping businesses like yours create Cloud Security strategies and implement cloud services. We make recommendations to maximise the benefits you expect, while prioritising security and reliability to ensure your system is resilient to failures.